The Kaldi Mission

The Kaldi mission is to revolutionize the green specialty coffee market via a new value-creating coffee ecosystem. Powered by novel proprietary blockchain technology, KaldiMarket™ offers true seed-to-sale traceability and a unique suite of benefits and incentives to farmers and their customers, revolutionizing an annual $50+ billion green specialty coffee market.

What is KaldiMarket

KaldiMarket is a new global green specialty coffee wholesale marketplace based in Chicago, USA. It is engaged in the alleviation and elimination of global smallholder coffee farmer poverty whilst creating substantial stakeholder value across its ecosystem. In addition to allowing smallholder farmers to command ‘specialty pricing’ in USD on the auction platform, every coffee lot listed or sold on KaldiMarket generates its own native cryptocurrency, Kaldicoin™, via the regulated and authorized Kaldi Company Ltd. Farmers can ‘cash out’ their Kaldicoin whenever they want, providing them with an extra revenue stream in addition to their coffee sales.

Africa coffee farmer green coffee drying

How it works

KaldiMarket™ technology helps millions of smallholder farmers maximize their income via a new business model driven by blockchain and Web3. It allows them to participate financially in an entirely new economic model in the global coffee sector. For the first time, Kaldi provides a sustainable financial ecosystem for green coffee that benefits all participants.

KaldiMarket coffee farmers
Coffee cooperatives enter coffee details on KaldiMarket generating a harvest NFT

Entering coffee details is as easy as filling out an eBay listing using the intuitive KaldiMarket interface

KaldiMarket green coffee auction
Coffee is listed for auction and promoted to roasters and other commercial coffee buyers

KaldiMarket does all the heavy lifting ensuring cooperatives have access to global data-driven price discovery

KaldiMarket crypto wallet
Farmers get paid for coffee sold in USD and earn additional Kaldicoin based on what they sell

Farmers earn more for their specialty green coffee on KaldiMarket plus their sales also mint new Kaldicoin as added income

KaldiMarket has been created to allow smallholder farmers to earn more for their families and communities.

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