The Kaldi Mission

We’re on a mission to revolutionise the specialty coffee supply chain, transforming an annual $50bn marketplace (rising to $150bn by 2030). Article 23 of The 1948 Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration.” We are building KaldiMarket™ to deliver this for smallholder coffee farmers worldwide.

Africa coffee farmer green coffee drying

What is KaldiMarket

KaldiMarket™ is a new B2B marketplace powered by blockchain, AI, and Web3 technology providing advanced technology solutions to roasteries and connecting millions of smallholder coffee farmers worldwide (via their cooperatives or ‘co-ops’) to UK and EU coffee roasteries.  Powered by industry-leading technology, KaldiMarket delivers unprecedented logistics efficiencies, reducing costs and providing transparency, security, and real-time data analytics throughout the supply chain. By eliminating intermediaries, more money goes to smallholder coffee farmers without increasing costs to the roasteries buying the coffee. All coffee purchases made on KaldiMarket are in US Dollars. Kaldicoin, a new digital currency, is minted and distributed as a reward mechanism to both coffee buyers and sellers as a reward and a powerful potential profit multiplier.  

KaldiMarket has been created by award-winning technologists, coffee experts, coffee entrepreneurs, and specialists in sustainability. It will provide industry-leading quality checks and all certifications required for the importation of green coffee.

How it works

KaldiMarket™ technology allows roasteries to source and purchase the highest quality coffee worldwide from an indexed, global bank of sellers. In addition, KaldiMarket provides a unique suite of services and incentives, including new AI-powered coffee flavour ‘search and match’ functionality, carbon neutral services, and Kaldicoin rewards.

KaldiMarket coffee farmers
Coffee coops enter coffee details on KaldiMarket

Our AI-powered intake system streamlines data and image analysis, standardising detailed crop information. Once harvested, these lots become available for immediate purchase, or for auction

KaldiMarket green coffee auction
Coffee is promoted to roasters and other commercial coffee buyers

KadiMarket does all the heavy lifting, facilitating logistics from farm to buyer. Individual coffee bags are tagged using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, ensuring visibility along the supply chain and compliance with evolving regulatory demands for traceability

KaldiMarket crypto wallet
Farmers get paid for coffee in US Dollars, and both farmers and roasteries earn additional Kaldicoin based on their sale or purchase volume

Farmers earn more for their crops and new ways to profit from coffee. Roasteries receive the world’s best specialty-grade coffee, plus unique rewards

Africa coffee farmer green coffee drying

Other Key Features for Roastery Users

The Kaldi Carbon Dashboard™ - Carbon neutral services

KaldiSearch™ - AI-powered coffee bean profile and price comparison search engine

KaldiDirect™- Comprehensive one-click direct speciality coffee trading between roasteries and smallholder coffee farmers

Kaldi Capital Card™ - Bespoke coffee-buying finance options

Two-way information flow systems directly between smallholder farmers and roastery

KaldiMarket has been created to allow stakeholders across the entire coffee value chain to see better returns, higher efficiencies, and stronger sustainability than ever before.

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