The Kaldi Mission

We deliver for the farmer, the roaster, and the retailer using cutting edge AI, blockchain, and Web3 technologies. With our technology, farmers can maximise their harvest value, and, for the first time, buyers can purchase the highest quality green coffee beans at scale.

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What is KaldiMarket

KaldiMarket™ is a new B2B marketplace powered by blockchain, AI, and Web3 technology providing advanced technology solutions to roasteries and connecting millions of smallholder coffee farmers worldwide (via their cooperatives or ‘co-ops’) to UK and EU coffee roasteries.

KaldiMarket has been created by award-winning technologists, coffee experts, coffee entrepreneurs, and specialists in sustainability. It will provide industry-leading quality checks and all certifications required for the importation of green coffee.

KaldiMarket introduces three groundbreaking Products and Services that Future-Proof the coffee Industry

These solutions meet new legislation in carbon emission reduction demands, deliver unprecedented coffee bean choices for roasteries and provide a global sales platform for smallholder farmers.  


The Kaldi Carbon Dashboard

Carbon neutral services

Facilitates Scope 3* carbon footprint measurement for cafes, coffee shops, and roasteries and delivers their paths to carbon neutrality, including providing offsetting or insetting products.



AI-powered coffee bean profile and price comparison search engine

For the first time, roasteries can search and compare coffee bean profiles and prices worldwide on the KaldiMarket database based on detailed AI-driven profile analysis, and seamlessly connect and trade with the right sellers globally to achieve target blends.



One-click direct specialty coffee trading between roasteries and smallholder coffee farmers

Optimised direct coffee sales between smallholder farmers and wholesale buyers.

Africa coffee farmer green coffee drying

Other Key Features for Roastery Users

Kaldi Capital Card™ - Bespoke coffee-buying finance options

Two-way information flow systems directly between smallholder farmers and roastery

KaldiMarket has been created to allow stakeholders across the entire coffee value chain to see better returns, higher efficiencies, and stronger sustainability than ever before.

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