Frequently Asked Questions

What is KaldiMarket?

KaldiMarketis a new global green specialty coffee commodity auction platform. It solves inefficiencies in the supply chain with blockchain technology and helps lift smallholder farmers out of poverty via streamlined logistics and marketplace financial participation beyond the value of their coffee sales.

What does KaldiMarket do?

KaldiMarket offers the first scalable trading solution for green specialty coffee. It facilitates global direct-to-market volume trades of specialty green coffee in USD via a centralized marketplace based in the United States.

What problem is KaldiMarket solving?

KaldiMarket supports smallholder coffee farmers in maximizing their revenue above a sustainable living wage through an entrepreneurial solution - using novel and proprietary blockchain technology to trace, automate, and create value along the supply chain, and generate a native cryptocurrency to alleviate farmer poverty.

What value is it creating for smallholder coffee farmers?

KaldiMarket creates value for the smallholder coffee farmer by allowing them to keep more of the profit from their harvest. Farmers can sell their green specialty coffee at volume at ‘specialty pricing’, through savings generated by economies of scale, streamlined logistics and automated processing via novel blockchain technology. It increases their revenue stream with Kaldicoin accumulation, and a highly efficient buyer service.